Poor Performance and Lameness Investigation, Management and Treatment

In addition to the most valuable tool in our toolbox (our knowledge and experience), we have a range of advanced mobile diagnostic equipment, which enables us to carry out X-ray, Ultrasound and Endoscopy. We also work closely with referral centres, so that we are able to swiftly refer cases for MRI/other diagnostics

Injury/Lameness Management, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Once we have obtained a definitive diagnosis of the problem, we have a variety of therapies that can be used to manage and treat orthopaedic issues. We have recently added chiropractic assessment/treatment to our range of services, which already includes shockwave and hydrotherapy (available at our Amersham base)and acupuncture, which we find extremely effective at providing pain relief and relaxation.

A successful outcome relies very much on careful management at home, and we work very closely with owners and their support teams to devise suitable rehabilitation/care plans for injured horses.